Chapter 3


I was excitedly running down the corner of the street with a loaf of bread in one hand when I smacked into a wall, or what I thought was a wall. It was my brother – Eric.

” W-what are you doing here, brother Eric?” I stammered. Brother Eric is the most powerful man in the city and he was an heir to a barony too, he told me that once. I shuffled my feet in discomfort as brother inspected me from head to toe.

” Well, I’m here to see you, of course! ” he said, smiling at me as he picked up the bread off the pavement. ” But why were you running with this?”

“I was heading back to Lower Brule to share the bread I got from the bakery with the rest of the kids!” I grinned and properly received the bread from brother Eric. I was about to walk away when I felt a sudden tug on my shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going, you thieving runt!” the voice shouted. A large man in white shirt with broad shoulders and belly twice as large as my head glared at me, his face red and seething in anger. Shite! Quickly, I grabbed onto his wrist and twisted my body to the side and sprinted behind my brother. With a yelp, the man released his grip and stomped towards me only to be stopped by Sev when she stepped forward.

“Move away, woman, or I’ll cut you and your man down too!” he roared, placing a hand on the hilt of a sheathed sword.

“You’re the thief! You tried to cut away my friend’s pouch and steal from her,” I growled. In a fit of rage, the man pulled out the sword from its sheath, but as soon as he did that Sev’s fist smashed into the back of his hand which was holding onto the hilt. The man screamed in pain and fell to his knees, clutching the broken hand. The anger on his face replaced by shock and fear.

“What were you saying about my master?” Sev confronted the man through clenched teeth.

“Now, now, calm down everyone. I’m sure we can solve this problem peacefully.” Brother Eric placed a hand on Sev’s shoulder, the smile never leaving his face. She nodded and moved aside with her head hanging on her shoulders. “Come, good sir, let’s get you to the healer and get that injury of yours looked at.”

Brother Eric wrapped his arm around the man’s waist and dragged him ahead of me and Sev along in the direction of the apothecary while whispering to the man. At first, the man snorted and sneered, but then he suddenly stopped and struggled against brother Eric’s grip when we turned down the alley towards our new destination, his face pale. Failing that, the large man started thrashing in a desperate attempt to extricate himself before falling on his knees and started begging,

“Well, we won’t want that poor hand of yours to remain that way forever now, do we?”

“Please, just don’t do that. I will do anything..anything! I-I’ll even join the City Guard, I promise!”

Brother Eric raised his brows at that. Everyone knows that being a City Guard is dangerous work, and just this month alone, there were rumours of a City Guard patrol squad found horribly mutilated near the forest at the north-eastern border, just outside the mountain range. For a man to say such a thing, my brother must have threatened him with fates even worse than that.

“It seems we’ve found ourselves a new recruit, Captain,” brother Eric shouted. The doors to the apothecary were kicked open, and a man donned in plated armour and greaves stepped out.

“Well, well. It’s always nice to know that the men of our city are courageous and patriotic, my lord.” The captain of the City Guard took off his leather hood and gave him a brief salute and approached us.

“Good man. Now, help me take our friend here to the healer before sending him to the barracks would you?”.  He gave my brother a trained nod and hauled away the large man, who was still sobbing, into the healer’s shop.”Now, where were we? Ah, Eddie! I have a task for you, but that can wait until we get some more bread for the kids in the slums.”

He ruffled my hair playfully and ran back up the alley. Brother Eric has always been a kind man, though most people would rather reserve such a word for others. He just has his own way of doing things. Sure, he can be vulgar most of the time and has a vile demeanour and maybe a personality disorder too, but the changes he has done to the city can only put other city lords to shame. When he was first instated as the city lord, he immediately sent half a dozen expeditionary groups into the mountains to examine for potential mining sites as the ones owned by the previous city lord, Viscount John

When he was first instated as the city lord, he immediately sent half a dozen expeditionary groups into the mountains to examine for potential mining sites as the ones owned by the previous city lord, Viscount John Chevar, had long since ran dry to satiate his greed for wealth and women. Fortunately, brother Eric discovered a chest of gold hidden underneath the floorboards in the lord’s chamber. He then used the newly found wealth to establish a mining company to unearth precious metals from the mountains, a farmer’s guild and initiated trade with neighbouring cities.

“Race you to the bakery!”


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